Tony Laveria | Like Me [Prod.By: Ced Wynez of Beats By Ced Productions]

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Yooda | Waste Time ft. Nubawn [Prod.By Ced Wynez of Beats by Ced Productions]

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Gas Mask | Down & Out [Prod. by Ced Wynez of Beats By Ced Productions]

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Ced Wynez | Why are your quitting on your dreams?

A lot of folks I came up in the music game have came and went over the years. They all quit. I'm here to tell you whatever you're going into or into please don't quit!. Quitting shouldn't be an option. "IF YOU QUIT ONCE, IT BECOMES A HABIT. NEVER QUIT" - MICHAEL JORDON.

Common Emotions Affect Business Decision Making.

I was on my way to Fort Lauderdale airport riding the Tri-Rail from Miami. I recently went threw a situation that lead me to speak briefly about emotions and business decision. When it comes decision making, a little emotion is good, even if the emotions seem inherently unpleasant or unproductive. But when you let your emotions get in the way, then that's when the problem arise.