1 verse
So he so divide that he turn water into wine, first
miracle the priest start lyin, go hell start frying smell
smoke see the flames, greatest story ever sold but
whose to blame, I guess I kill Abel be the one name
Kane, I'll be the one trap Satan in holy chains.
Tell me whose hearing me, I know you want some
liberty, tell a lil truth the hardest dudes they be fearing
me. Rip the pages out the bible canon the Christians
can't stand it they believe in the lies and the famine.
You worship on your knees bow head to the alter,
looking for sign from a fake and you lost it. Blue eye
devil holla bout you save, you nothing but a sheep you
nothing but a slave. Gave up your heritage just to be
with Christ then you realize you're in the dark and never
see the light.

Boy We Kill Jesus
You out here praying for a dream wake up from the
sleep homie you aint no sheep.
Boy we kill jesus
You looking for God but the god is in you so tell what
you gon do
Boy we Kill Jesus
Save yourself not looking to get save work hard have
faith and maintain
faith and maintain
Boy We kill Jesus
Free your mind from the shackles stand on your feet I
know the God is me.
Boy we Kill Jesus

Verse 2: Yooda


Third verse:
Some many lost abandon souls in the churches no
hail marys spits words these verses, no savior my
people out here hurtin the devils aint scared smell
while they lurkin. Standing on stages while the pastors
close curtains, save yourself put your faith in God i see
you hurtin, You blind deceived and lied too, mistreated
hoodwink and deprived too.
Oh you aint heard boy really need you to listen they
dummin you down like a sheep religion trippin. Can‐
nibalism practice the by last supper, Bread and wine
thats the last suffer, satan under cover playing tricks
on your mothers, destroying many father, draggin them
every hour. The Dragon has devolver, Jesus name never
had power, eat figs from the tree bet it taste sour.