Music Reviews

Legend Status - YEAH [Prod.By Master Kie] 


YYYYYYEEEAAAAHHH....."I'M COMING UP YOU COMING DOWN, IT'S THE LORD OF THE UNDERGROUND". A dope ass line by a dope ass Emcee. Legend Status aka L.S. coming straight out of Charlotte. Also not to mention he was freestyle Sprite Champion a few years back. Listen what did I tell ya'll before. Charlotte has slew of talented artists that's running around in the city. Probably the most slept on markets in the hip hop industry. I've been a fan of L.S. for a while now and here he comes from the underground with his latest single "YEAH" [Prod.By Master Kie] off his latest album I AM LEGEND 2 (Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal). I was excited when L.S. and Master Kie hooked up and created a banger for the dance floor and clubs. Even tho this track is left field for a lyrical Emcee like L.S. he still executed it perfectly.

L.S. was able to keep his essence of a true lyrical Emcee but still give the people a song that they can vibe too in and out of the clubs. And not to mention delivered an entertaining video that solidify how dope the song really is. You can see some elements of "HOUSE PARTY" threw out the video which makes the video/song more memorable. From the beat itself, the lyrics, the production and visual, L.S. and Master Kie created something special for the audience. You gotta love it when a plan comes together. YYYEEEEAAAHHH!!. Follow on social media L.S. @Ismusic187 and Master Kie @unlock_her_sound

Tony Laveria - News Watch 

Listen, I've been in the Charlotte, NC area only for about a year and a half. Since I been out here I've across some dope ass talent. Singers, rappers, poets, musicians, artist you name it. This city has a shit load of talent I can't even keep up. I've had the pleasure in meeting Mr. Tony Laveria aka The President at an event call the sounds of Sixteens. This dude got one stage spit a freestyle that blew me away.

I was shocked and impressed at the same dam time (Future voice) This guy can really spit. It's only two Emcees in the game right now that I consider has the best flow and lyrical skills, Krs-One and Cyhi da Prince. (B.I.G. is the GOAT of course). But Tony Laveria is on that level trust me when I say this. Now he has hit the internet with his new single/video News Watch. The song/video will take you back in time a bit during the riots that happen in Charlotte where Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by Brentley Vinson a city police officer back in Sept. 2016.

Mr. Laveria is for the people and let's you know it threw News Watch and shows you how corrupt the system really is. The President isn't playing any games on this joint. Smooth Rapid fire flow over a dark melodic beat that blends very well with his style. I tell you what The Laveria Administration is in full affect. Follow on social media @Mr_Laveria

Renee Gardner - Come Together 

Okay Okay it's been a minute go figure lol. But as you can see we been busy with this music mane. Ha Ha I just channel my enter Terrance Howard "Hustle & Flow". Listen tho, they say great music is hard to find well I say, it depends on where you're looking. But what's crazy I wasn't looking for it this time. This dope joint right here fell into my social media lap threw Facebook.

One of my friends on FB posted this song/video and I just so happen to see. 🤔 Come to think of it she might've post it herself since we are FB friends 😂. But that's nether here nor there. The lovely Renee Gardner out of the ATL came through with such can I put this very "Colorful" song.

Everything about this song just feels good. Her voice fits perfect on top of the track, well written and overall the production is A-1. The visuals capture the essence of her beauty and she blends right in with the art of New York City and became the ART herself Very dope. This will definitely go on our Spotify playlist! Follow her on social media @Reneetheg

The Essence by Hellz Yea! & Dj MouseTrap 

This is why I love hip hop because I love it when talented people come together and make something magical. A dope emcee and a dope producer collabing bringing the ESSENCE of hip hop along with them. This album never disappoints not one bit.

Hellz Yea and Dj Mousetrap produced this project perfectly from Top to bottom. "Pain No Glory" is the lead off single of the album which Hellz Yea display his Brooklyn attitube on a sample driven track produced by Mousetrap that you feel the hard work and sweat pouring from lyrics as Hellz let you know what it took to get to where he's at. 

Another personal favorite off the album is "All that's Mine" ft. Dv Alisa Khryst. Now I played this joint religiously. This of those songs where you no matter what it never gets old.  Hellz bars and Alisa Khryst raspy singing voice over another dope beat made this joint very unique. A great joint and could be released as the third single.

Hellz didnt forget the ladies either with the second single "Get Ready" ft. Nikki E where Hellz and Nikki E confess feelings fir one another smooth things out over a Shalamar sample that has groove and all too familiar. Check out "Black Love" as well.

"Love me like your music" ft. Angelface and Simone Skye really stuck out to me. Because being in a few relationships that my girl didn't understand the time and sacrifice I had made in order to perfect my craft as a musician has caused a lot of issues. Hellz hit the fuckin hammer on the nail (as we say in the south) to the point where I dont think nobody but Hellz couldve executed this.

Simone Skye brought the hook alive with her lovely voice and Angelface was the glue that made the song stick because every woman thats either dated or in a relationship with a musician can relate with out doubt.

Emcee/Producer/Engineer/Lyricist this man wears many hats and along the awsome production by Dj Mousetrap has gave something the universe,the world and the GODS of HIP HOP to smile on. Anybody who love great music will love this
 The Essence!

Pick up the album at follow on social media @Hellzyea_ @mousetrapthesoulchild

Lost in Love by T-Quest 

Okay let me be honest for a second, when I found out T-Quest was from Stamford, Connecticut I tried to think of any artist that I knew was from that area. And I don't know any. Nope not one. Let alone a female artist at that. But It doesn't matter if I like something I like it no matter where they from. T-Quest is a dope artist. 

I got a chance to hear her music threw the FLEET DJs (s/o to the fleet fam). This single "Lost in Love" is what can I you get the picture. No lie I was slit turned on when I heard it, just a lil bit lol. I envisioned being lost in love with that one I love. Going threw some sexual bliss of physical 4 play with my beautiful goddess on Mount Olympus.

T-Quest executed this song perfectly. The production, the lyrics, the flow, the delivery all just came together. It's different because she's singing but mixing it up with some spoken word. Whatever genre you want to put this single in, it will hold its on against any song in the music industry.

The single is available on itunes/spotify/applemusic

Nubua Da God - Down Bitch 

SWEET CHRISTMAS!!! LOL, Yes that came from Mr. Luke Cage. I love it when I discover an artist and the music just speak for itself. Also when that artist is from my hometown Miami, FL. Nubia Da God is her name folks. Her single "Down Bitch" just caught my attention as soon as I pressed play. Plus her tone over a dope track made this joint fuckin good. The word play was perfectly executed and spit with so much conviction that you just cant ignore her not one bit.

Every man on this planet wants a DOWN BITCH. And clearly Nubia knows that. So she has no problem playing that role for her dude. But of course fellas what we do? Go and fuck shit up when we have a woman whose down with us on matter what. You can hear anger threw out the song which you can tell she has been threw this before. It's never enough. When you see her in the streets don't call her sexy call her GORGEOUS!

Follow @NubiaDaGod

Bee Moe Slim - So Hard 

I'm going to say this and you may or may not agree. ATL is like the Florida of the music industry from a football perspective. Florida produced some of the best football talent in the country. In that regard, Atlanta is on that level. Hey, ATL is winning right now and have been for a good minute.

The mulit-talented Bee Moe Slim from the southside of Atlanta have been on the scene for a while and has put out dope music along his journey. With his new joint "So Hard" he slows it down a bit over a smooth track with a good voice singing on the hook to help smooth out his feelings for the ladies. But its really not for the ladies in a since because on the track he's tore between the one he's with and the one he cant let go.

I think evey man has been threw this at some point. Bee Moe bring his situation centerfold so we can see what he's dealing with trying loving two women, which it makes it SO HARD!. So make sure you follow him on social media @Beemoeslim. The single is on iTunes/Spofity/Tidal/Applemusic.  

Ebony Love - Jezebel Wins 

Dam, Dam, Dam Jezebal wins again. Okay just a little brief history on who is Jezebal. Jezebal was a sun god worshipper who was married to King Ahab that hated the Jewish people. This is all biblical so go look it up. Now this song has nothing to do with the biblical story of Jezeal but symbolize the transgressions of a certain of type woman that we see everyday.

Ebony Love brings that to life with the song and visual "Jezebal Wins". To be honest I dont know too much about Ebony Love only the fact she lives in Atlanta and she's an artist that has written songs for other artists in the industry. I came across on her Instagram (that seems to happen alot). What I love about the song/visual is the message and the way she delivered it. "Why's the king married to a whore" as she chanets that threw out the tale end of the songs really put the song into perspective. And I love it when an artist just take a moment to talk in their music. Ebony Love executed it perfectly. And the funny thing is this is the type of beat I would've created. 

I'm looking forward to hear more music from in the future. I would to work with this artist on a song too.

Visit her website:

Grinding for More by Dj Chizzle 

Dj Chizzle is reppin that New England area. Again Im kind of surprise because a lot of artists thats trying to break threw in the industry are from the usual places. Like NY, ATL, or Cali. So to hear an artist from some where else is always interesting. Chizzle is not only an artist but a producer and DJ.

I wonder how does that work? I'll have to ask him. Anyway, the single "Grinding for More" has a certain ring too it. Now I aint gon lie, it took me a few listens to get into the joint. So I went threw my ritual, listen to it on my way to and from work, listen to it on my cpu and BANG I was like AIGHT, this aint bad song as a matter of fact its dam good. 

A little slow tempo, a little too much auto-tune BUT its still a good song. I don't know if I would have this song as a lead single more so as album cut or stream the song on spotify. I let my 14 year old son listen to it and he digs it. If the kids like then you always doing something right!. All in all I think Dj Chizzle got something on his hands. Plus he's a DJ so he can always slip his joint in the mixes during his set. Which is a big plus in my book. Dj CHIZZLE you got one homie!!!

Follow on twitter @1djchizzle check out his website

I Swear by DroCole 

Yo it's crazy that my very first music review comes from across the pond. Hell, I didn't even know this artist was from another country. Dro Cole is reppin from Harare, Zimbabwe!. That's right, straight out the motherland. I didn't know very much about him or his music but the song he sent me was pretty dam good. "I SWEAR" is the single I been bumpin all dam day. I swear (lol get it) this song is pretty dope. Off top when spits, you can tell English is his second language. The good thing is his heavy accent didn't take away from the song. The delivery was on point. Dro Cole spit with a lot of energy.

Oh yeah, the production wasn't bad either. Not the best far as mixing/mastering but hey I ready didn't care because I personally enjoyed the track. The bars was there and the young dude can rap which is BIG PLUS!. The kid has talent. I love to hear dope hip hop artists from across the world because to me they are more hungry, more determine and more culture. Dro Cole is no exception to the rule. Listen to the song for yourself. I'll be on his soundcloud checking out more of his music too! I SWEAR!