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As a producer and artist, I find myself going to the record stores every once in while. I'll stroll down to Criminal Records or Wax n' Facts. What amazes me is the amount of artists that released music over the past 60 years. And a lot of these records are still available to listen to or in my case sample. I know a few producers that frown on sampling and/or a few artists don't like to use other people's work in their music. And they have a few good point on why that is. But what I see as a producer, it's no stealing other peoples work, I see an endless opportunity. Because I will never get into the studio with the likes of Muddy Waters, Bessie Smith, or Marvin Gaye. Sampling their music is keeping their music alive. To me it's congratulating them in way on how great their music really is. Also if a major artist likes the beat, they get it cleared, and the artists or their family (if the artist is deceased) gets a piece of the royalties that comes with it. Sampling is an art form and the true essence of hip hop. I love sampling different sounds, chopping, looping, and creating new version of the song(s). 

Sampling is what I do. And I will continue to do it. #LOVELIVEHIPHOP - Blog post by Ced Wynez

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