No Love 4 R&B


Recently, we was at an networking music event in Charlotte, NC. This event was put together by one of the locals during the CIAA weekend. Chris Gotti co-founder of Murder Inc. and new founder of his latest business ADD Ventures was the guest. Overall, it was a dope event. Now this event featured mostly hip hop-rap artists and the audience were a hip hop crowd. It was a couple of singers that were among the evening performances. After the event we couldn't help but wonder why R&B artists continue to preform in front of a mostly hip hop audience. Now it could be a few reasons. But I can think of one, because there aren't a lot of outlets or platforms that are for R&B singers. Still, I honestly think R&B artists should stay away from hip hop events and their audience. Reason being, is it doesn't benefit the R&B artists. At the event in Charlotte, the singers that did sing were pretty good. But nobody was paying attention do them. They didn't really grab the audience attention like the rap artists. They had the right songs, but no one really cared. And this is why R&B singers gets no love at hip hop events. Now we suggested that R&B artists would benefit more if they are featured on a song with hip hop artist. Hip hop and R&B can merge but it has to be done right. It's the same way if an hip hop artist goes and preform in front of a R&B audience. All I'm saying to the R&B artists is in order to maximize your presents, stay away from these hip hop events and pure hip hop audience. Unless you are featured on a song with a hip hop artist. Trust me, at these hip hop events it's very hard to grab the attention of a hip hop crowd especially when you're not a rapper.

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