Ask The Rights Questions

The things I want to know about certain things that happens in the music industry I know for a fact I probably would have to pay to get that information. Like for an example: 

Cardie B said she invested $60k in a song that didn’t do anything before Bodak Yellow hit according to her words. So my questions is 

- What did she, the label and her team do differently to make Bodak Yellow Pop? 

- What mistakes they made (if any) for the other song not to go as big as Bodak Yellow? 

- Was Bodak Yellow the better song then the other one?. 

- What other marketing strategies they Implement in order for Bodak Yellow to HIT?!. 

- They did they invested more time and money into Bodak Yellow?. 

- Did they hire better people to market the song?. 

- Did they use a 3rd party company to market the song better. 

- How many more DJs, Blogs, and other outlets were involved vs the other song?. 

This the shxt I want to know. And nobody ask these questions interviews and/or they don’t give out that information. All that other shxt be irrelevant. So please ask the right questions in order to get the right answers.

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