Feel the Art, Feel the Artists

Anything that's created is subjective. It has a lot to do with someone's taste. But I believed the only way to judge ART is through feelings and/or emotions. To me there is no bad nor ugly art. Just because you didn't feel the artist expression doesn't mean it was bad. It just means at that moment it wasn't your taste. Any form of art rather it's through music, a painting, a written piece, spoken word, sung, rap, poetry, dance, photograph, or filmed, should be judge by feelings. When you look at a painting for example, how did it make you feel at the moment?. Did it make you feel happy, sad, joyful?. And that's how you judge art. Even when you listen to a song how did that song make you feel?. When poet recite his/her poetry piece did the words move you? Did the poet make you feel a certain way when they're pouring those words out. The most beautiful thing about art  it's all beautiful. One thing I love about making music is that there are no right or wrong ways to do this. You don't have to rap a 16 bar verse in hip hop. You don't have to have a bridge in a R&B song. You don't have to start with the C major scale to start playing keys on a piano. Art has no rules. I repeat ART HAS NO RULES!. The only job you have as an artist is making people feel you. Don't try so hard to have people understand your message but to feel your message. When people look at your painting, they should feel some type of way. When you rap or sing a song people should feel like doing something. It should be some kind thought going through the people's minds once they experienced you as an artist throught artistic expressions or piece.  Art shouldn't be judge by opinions it should be judge by the heart.

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