1). The prices of the beats are license prices?

         - Yes. The prices that you see are the prices for licensing. If you want to purchase the exclusives rights to the beat go to our beat store. Then contact us on which beat you would like to purchase.

2). Once I purchase the exclusive rights do I own the beat?  - No. You do not  have ownership the master beat. We retain ownership of all our master beats. You have exclusive rights to the beat meaning you are only artist or record label that has the beat you purchased. You also can distributed to iTunes/Spotify/Tidal etc. Click here to read the terms and conditions.

3). If I license a beat and record my lyrics on the beat, can I put it on iTunes/Spotify/Tidal etc.?

- No. All Beats that are for licensing are only for content creators. Beat licensing are only to be used for background music in youtube videos, gaming, flims, movies, podcasting, or any other media. License beats are not to be used for song creation.

Do you clear the samples of the beat(s)? 
       - No. We don't clear samples. That's the responsibility of the artist(s) or record label when putting the master song out into the public market for sell.

5). Can you create a custom beat just for me/my artists?
      - Yes we can. For more details click here.

6). Do you collab with other producers? - If you want to collab with us on a track feel free to contact us.

Are you looking to sign producers under your company?
      - If you are an inspiring producer, we are in the market looking to sign producers to beats by ced productions. For more information contact us and a representative will contact you for more details.