Rappers are Clueless

When I hear a rapper say "I make music for everybody" they are REALLY saying I don't know who I making music for. This is by far the #1 reason why a lot and I do mean A LOT of rappers fail. A lot of rappers don't have a clue who their audience is. First of all, let's break it down a little bit. Most rappers follow the TREND. Right now, a lot of rappers think moving to Atlanta they are going to get ON within 3 months. A BIG NO NO. Yes Atlanta is the main hub for the music industry. And yes the music scene in Atlanta is very strong. With that said, you still have to put in work. A lot of rappers move down here without a clear plan. So this is their first mistake. Second, since Atlanta is home of TRAP MUSIC, a lot of rappers who are not from Atlanta really think they need to do trap music in order to get a buzz or get their music played on a lot of the platforms out here. Another big mistake. And 3rd, crazy as it may sound, rappers get down here or a lot that's already here and from here get lazy. This is a city you can't just come here and get lazy. You'll find yourself pass by or end up moving back to your home city.

On top of everything else they have no clue who their making music for. Let me bust your cherry right now. Your music is not for everybody. Most rappers plans are "throwing wet paper at the wall and see if it sticks". This is the #1 reason why rappers fail. Rappers, you need fans to make it in this industry. Your fans are your customers. These individuals pay your bills and keep you touring. Now I know what you are asking, "Well Ced how do I find my audience and turn them into fans?". First off, if haven't figure out already, figure out what type of music you make. When you do that, figure out what age group you want to connect with through your music. Next, figure out what type of people will relate to your music and your story. Are these people dope boys, working class people, are these people teenagers, are these people mostly women, or mostly men. Are they black, white, Asian, Latino etc. You get the picture I hope. Knowing this is very important information that can make or break your music career. Also you have to know where to find these people. But that's another blog article for a later time. Remember not everybody will like your music. When you make music for everybody, you make music for nobody. STRAIGHT UP!.

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