Ced Wynez straightofficial.com interview

Shout to straightofficial.com for interviewing our producer Ced Wynez on their platform. feel free to leave a comment and show love. Interview below

This week I’m choppin it up with one of the newest addition to the Fleet Producer Team Ced! 

SOM: Tell me about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you from,etc?   

I was born & raised in Miami, FL. I’m from Liberty City. Tough neighborhood. My stage name is part of my real name and father’s last name. So I want to give the people more of ME!. Plus my name is more marketable. 

SOM: Why did you decide to become a Producer? 

My brother is a saxophone musician and he use to make beats in his spare time. So 
I said I can do that. I started doing my research on production and making beats. After that I got hooked

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