5 Ways for artists to get free beats.

I've been in this music industry for a while now. And it really amazes me how often I run across artists who ask me to send them free beats. I mean I heard it all, from "WHEN I BLOW YOU BLOW UP" to "WELL, THE OTHER PRODUCER CHARGES LESS THEN YOU". All kind of tricks, hustles, and bull shit from artists who walk around asking producers for free beats. Most don't realize they're favorite rapper buy beats and/or pays a producer an upfront fee to produce a song or project for them. Now I want to give YOU (YES YOU) the rapper, the singer 5 ways for you to get FREE beats from a dope producer like myself.

1 - Be Talented
There are a few artists out here who I haven't work with yet but so dope. And I don't mind sending them a few joints over to them for free. As a producer it's our job to look for the best talent to write and perform on our tracks. If you're very talented rest a sure you'll get a lot of free beats thrown you're way.

2 - Be working/Be on your grind
You're grind can be worth a lot more then a 30 dollar lease. Producers look for artists who are out here grinding hard. Why? because if you have a buzz and some fans, then that can turn into more opportunities for the producer to work with more artists. Plus it'll turn into income as well. Trust me I know first hand.

3 - Buy Beats
This is probably the most important one of all. Yes, buy beats. I know this is about you getting free beats. But buying beats is a share way of getting free beats from a producer that you been working with. The producer doesn't want to lose out working with you. Plus a lot of producers have tons tons of beats sitting around and a few times I came across beats that will fit an artist even if he/she brought beats from me before. So I'll throw him/her the beats for the free.

4 - Never ask for Free beats NEVER!
Make a note of this. Put this up on you wall at home, whatever you do never in your life ask a producer for beats for free. Countless times, artists who listen to my beats for the first time and love them then turn and ask me to send them a few beats for free. This is a NO NO. If any artist hit me up and ask me for free beats, I won't even rely back to you and I won't work with you unless you are ready to invest in yourself. So again artists, never ask for free beats NEVER!

5 - Join the mailing list
A lot of producers have websites like myself that if you sign up to their email list they'll send you a free beat. This a good way to get free beats because producers send out emails to the people on their mailing list and sometimes they  attach a free beat to the email. I know a producer right now who does then very often. Every other email he's sends out he has a free beat to download. Every artist should take full advantage of this because within a month you could have beats to put out a mixtape. Now don't use those to sell your single. I don't think you want to get sued by the producer. Because I know I will.

There you have it. 5 Ways to get free beats from a dope producer. To get a free from Beats by Ced right now, signup to my mailing list. And make sure you credit Ced Wynez for producing the track.

  - Ced