Blood on the Church Steps EP

Ced Wynez

My new EP project "Blood on the Church Steps" will out on May 18th 2018. Two days before the christian holiday Pentecost. The church has always been some kind of symbol or place of hope, for those who seek answers from the high power. But me I don't see it that way. History tells us the truth.

When you open your mind you'll see the lies that come from these churches. The church is responsible for a lot of souls that are lost. The church has shed blood of millions on it's steps from people who went to the church looking for hope. Instead they found lies. They didn't find God, they went and found the DEVIL himself.

Music Produced by: Beats By Ced Productions Artwork by @DgfxMiami Co-Writers: @Yooda21 @WiserObserver

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